The Bank in internet

Your Bank, that is closer to you.

Simply accessible, secure and rapid, available 24 hours per day, the Millennium bim presents one simple image characterised by an interactive, simple and direct utilization.

Through introduction of navigation innovative facilities, you may visualise your accounts, consult their movements and perform your banking operations in a simpler and rapid way.

There is no limited time for customer service in the internet, therefore, with the Millennium bim – our on-line Bank – you will have access to your accounts at any time and at any place.   

It is always, with entire comfort and security.

Through the modern technology, Millennium bim guarantees reasonable rates of security to the kind of consultation of operation to be performed.

What is.

The is a simple access and rapid Internet Banking service, secure and available 24 hours per day. At time, you may obtain indispensable and urgent information such as balance/movement of your accounts and yet, materialising payment of services, bank transfers and performing stock market operations.

In order to provide you with good quality service, the Millennium bim has privileged integration of banking services on-line, making possible, by the flexibility of time, more contact comfort and facility of the Bank.

How to activate the accesses? 

Any Individual Millennium bim customer, holding a personal or joint demand account, may request Millennium bim service in the site, at a Millennium bim agency or by the Millennium bim Line: 21 35 00 35 (during business days from 08:30 to 22:00).

You will also receive security codes, Level 1 Password and Level 2 Password that will be requested to you whenever you want to make a transaction.

Minimum Requirements for access via Internet       

In order to access the services via internet, with security, so to correctly visualise the pages, your computer should have the features as follows:

  • Data encryption – the installed browser should support data encryption SSL up to 128 bits in order to accede the service with maximum security.

  • Resolution – for a correct visualization of pages, your monitor should have the setting with a resolution of 800x600 or more.

  • Browser Version – to secure a correct presentation of the contents on the pages, the browser installed in your computer should be the INTERNET Explorer – version 5.0 (or more) or, alternatively, the Netscape Navigator – version 6.2 (or more).

If the version of your browser is prior to the recommended versions, you may do the download of one updated version through the links as follows:

Internet Explorer (recommended)

Netscape Navigator

Available operations

The Millennium bim places at your disposal a set of screens, direct and simple instructions for you to easily perform your operations. With the Millennium bim, your Bank is available at any time and place, through your computer. By a simple click you may obtain – on time – as indispensable as urgent information about the balance and your accounts movements, requesting new checks, materialising payment of the services and household expenditures, as well as a set of other banking operations.

At you will also accede the functionalities as follows:

Integrated Position

This functionality enables you to consult your accounts and respective book balances, in demand account currency, about all available products.

Demand Accounts

  • Consultation of Accounts/ Balances / Movements

  • Internal / Interbank / Periodical Transfers/ Transfers to Abroad

  • Payment of Services

  • Requisition of Checks

  • Request for Cash Card

  • Payment of Social Security

Time Deposits

  • Consultation of Accounts / Balances / Movements

  • Consultation of Term Deposits details

  • Constitution of Time Deposits

  • Mobilization of Time Deposits

Credit Cards 

  • Consultation of Accounts / Balances / Card Movements

  • Consultation of Time Deposit details

  • Alteration of Payment Conditions

  • Request for Credit Card


  • Consultation of Accounts/ Balances / Loans Movements

  • Consultation of Current Accounts Movements

  • Consultation of Loan details

  • Consultation of Current Account details

  • Consultation of Guarantee detail

  • Transfer from Demand Account to Current Account

  • Transfer from Current Account to Demand Account

  • Nova Vida Credit Simulation

  • Nova Vida Credit proposal 

Stocks – Consultation of Positions

  • Consultation of Movements

  • Subscription and Ransom

These operations should be associated with demand accounts adopted by the service, within the limits, at any time, set up by the Bank.

Progressively, the Millennium bim will broaden the range of functionalities available on Banking Internet.

The Bank in...